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Applying for financial assistance from Oscar’s Cause is a simple process, but we regret that not all situations will meet our funding criteria.  To ensure that we can make the best use of our funds, we have set guidelines for eligibility for assistance, and procedures for applying, reviewing applications, making payments, and following up after the funding has been made.  

Here are these guidelines:

  • Eligibility for Financial Assistance
  • The Application Process
  • Application Review Process
  • Payment
  • Application Denial
  • Post Assistance Follow-up
  • Use of information for publicity or Fund-raising


24-hour emergency help is defined as any or all happenings that will result in imminent loss of life or limb; i.e., the animal was hit by a car, uncontrollable vomiting or bleeding.   You must fill out the request for assistance form in its entirety complete with photo, then call the emergency hotline at 863-325-6508 for further instruction.  Oscar’s Cause may vote to waive or delay any of the standard requirements in the case of a pressing emergency.


Non-emergency medical assistance is defined as non-life-threatening medical care; such as, dental treatments, shots, spay, or neutering.   Medical procedures that will impact the quality or longevity of life may also be considered.


One of Oscar’s Causes goals is to keep your pet happy, healthy and thriving in the home that they know and love.  We fully understand that there are unexpected situations that arise and we are here to help. Life essentials can be a variety of things; toys, blankets, pet carrier or temporary food assistance.

Oscar’s Cause is not limited to the items listed on this site.  We try to help in all ways possible, if you do not see a category that fits your need, please fill out the form and add a brief description of service needed and why.  We are here for you and your furry family member!


Oscar’s Cause has restrictions on expenses that are covered.  The Eligibility Guidelines outline these restrictions.  If you are an applicant, be certain to read these to see if you may be eligible for financial assistance.


Please fill out the application, upload a picture of your pet, and submit it for review.  We like to keep in contact with the animals and families we help; therefore, we ask for you to send before and after photos.  If you cannot upload your photo, you may email it to  Be sure to include your contact information as-well-as the information for the animal that needs help.  You may also fax photo with informational cover sheet to: (863) 583-0607.  Please send any questions about the application or application process to


In many cases, the decision whether to pay for the needs of an animal is clear.  In other situations, our choices are more difficult.  To make the decision-making process as equitable as possible, all applications for funding are discussed by the Financial Assistance Committee.  Assistance funding will not exceed 75% of the total cost for approved services.

The Financial Assistance Committee may contact one or more veterinarians, or other carefully chosen experts, as necessary to assist us in making the funding decision.


If the Financial Assistance Committee approves your request for assistance, we will notify both the applicant and the party responsible for rendering medical care via telephone.  If the applicant cannot pay their portion of the invoice at time of approval, the approved application will remain on file for 2 (two) weeks.  Within the 2 (two) week period if funds become available it is the responsibility of the applicant to contact Oscar’s Cause.


If the animal is not approved for funding from Oscar’s Cause, the applicant will be contacted by electronic mail, providing an explanation for the denial and offering possible alternatives to the requesting party.


A courtesy call will be made to all who receive funding.  These calls are in efforts to ensure the quality of care and services received.  In addition, if the patient is receiving multiple procedures, Oscar’s Cause would appreciate periodic updates and photos of progress.


Funding by Oscar’s Cause is always made with the express agreement that the photograph of the animal, and the story of the animal and its history may be used by Oscar’s Cause for the purpose of publicity and fund raising for Oscar’s Cause.